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Supporters of the Tug "Lyttelton"

The following firms and organizations are supporters of the tug "Lyttelton" and we would like to this opportunity to thank them for their continued assistance.

   Stark Bros Ltd                                        www.starkbros.co.nz


Lyttelton Engineering Logo  Lyttelton Engineering Ltd                             www.lytteng.co.nz



The Canterbury Community Trust             www.commtrust.org.nz



The Southern Trust                   www.southerntrust.org.nz


Pub Charity                                www.pubcharity.org.nz/


logo110  Lyttelton Port of Christchurch             www.lpc.co.nz 


Solid Energy         www.coalnz.com


  Canterbury Kilwinning Lodge No. 23       http://www.freemasons.co.nz


Christchurch City Council     www.ccc.govt.nz